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济南装饰公司教你如何选择适宜的的装修装潢面料 来源: 日期:2019-02-21 发布人:admin

Jinan Decoration Company teaches you how to choose suitable decoration fabrics
When you think about shopping, the first thing you think about is the color of the upholstered furniture you usually choose. This is usually the biggest factor in fabric selection. But while color is important, other elements are also important.
The importance of durability of fabrics depends on the difference in furniture, which uses room and family groups, such as if children and pets live in a house. Jinan decoration notice you: your fabric selection should reflect these achievements.
Woven patterns can withstand longer time than printed patterns, and so can higher number of lines and tight weaving. Thread counting refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The more dense the fabric, the longer it will continue to work.
Choose fabric based on who will use your sofa. If your pet is sharing your sofa with you, think about a superfine fabric or leather that can accept rated wear and tear.
Fabric durability is important if your sofa or chair is used every day. Choose fabrics to complement furniture and interior decoration of the house.
Your fabric selection should be in harmony with the local style and characteristics it covers. For example, traditional fabrics are the best choice for traditional style frameworks. That is to say, if you have a sense of adventure and know how to merge two seemingly different styles, do it. This approach adds creativity to your space. An example of this unexpected choice could be the geometric design of the side seat. This example works best in contemporary rooms, with an accent on the back chair itself, so that the prints can be connected to other parts of the decoration.
Some fabrics look casual, while others are more formal. Choose the fabric that echoes your style and the atmosphere of the room.
In summary, all the above-mentioned Jinan Mulanqingcheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. provides, want to know the knowledge of Jinan Decoration Company, welcome to pay attention to our website: Thank you for your support.


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