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济南装饰公司GRC构件需求怎样养护? 来源: 日期:2019-02-18 发布人:admin

How to maintain the GRC component requirement of Jinan Decoration Company?
Maintenance is to keep the moisture content of GRC products from evaporating in the later period. The moisture content in the product is used for hydration of cement and therefore develops its strength to reduce soaking and expansion. Because hydration is affected by temperature, the air around the product should be kept at a suitable temperature in the process of product maintenance.
1. GRC products are generally thin-walled and low water-cement ratio, but for GRC hanging panels, they have larger surface area. Therefore, ineffective maintenance system should be adopted to meet the following requirements: appropriate early strength to facilitate demoulding and handling; ensure design strength; limit expansion to prevent cracking.
2. Before and during demoulding: After modification, the mould is usually wrapped in a clean and high-quality polyethylene film, which avoids the evaporation of water and the influence of wind in the GRC components in Guizhou, and also helps to maintain the heat of hydration. At the beginning of maintenance, GRC products should have enough strength so that they will not be damaged during demoulding and handling. In some areas of Australia, GRC products need to be heated overnight to keep the temperature above 15 C.
3. Secondary Maintenance: This maintenance phase is to make GRC products after demoulding continue to lose maintenance, free from the influence of sunlight, wind and low humidity of air. Under normal conditions, GRC products are still wrapped in plastic film to avoid indirect exposure to sunlight. Some humidity can also be maintained by spraying wet fog.
4. Post-maintenance: When the products are stored and used, there are distinct differences between the periphery and the maintenance stage, it is necessary to adopt controlled post-maintenance. This can take some complicated measures to protect the parts from indirect sunlight during the storage process. GRC should reach the design strength in the storage phase, which is maintained to limit its shrinkage.
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