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Jinan Decoration Company How to Say the General Inventory of Decoration Terminology
Whether the owner has experienced such a scene, in the process of communicating with the decoration company, when asked whether you want to make a full package or a half package, as the owner, can you present a confused situation? At this time, if the owner encounters a bad decoration company, it is the same as giving some bad decoration company a chance to bid. So in order to prevent cheating, some basic decoration terms can not be understood. What are the decoration terms after all? What do they mean? Let's listen to the words "residential decoration".
1. Full package: construction materials and construction, all provided by the decoration company. From the beginning to the end of the decoration, the owners only need to accept and pay, and then buy furniture to stay on OK.
2.Half package: Decoration company serves as construction and engineering auxiliary materials, such as sand, cement, nails and so on. The owner himself purchases the main materials in the decoration: floor, tile, sanitary ware, cabinet, etc.
3. Clearance: The decoration company only provides the construction technology, and the owner purchases all the information needed for the project.
4. Hard installation: workers'base construction, such as painting, ceiling, route, etc. All base decorations that cannot be moved are collectively referred to as hard-fitting.
5. Software: After the completion of hard-fitting, indoor furniture, electrical appliances and style decoration are collectively referred to as soft-fitting, referring to indoor movable and changeable decorations.
6. Yin and Yang Angle: Yang Angle is a prominent corner, such as the corner of two walls at the corner is Yang Angle. The shade corner is the concave corner.
7. keel: a kind of material for fixing the wall. The ceiling is made of keel as a frame, and then attached with gypsum board.
8. Door and window sheath: The frame connecting the door and window opening to maintain the corner and fix the door and window.
9. Gypsum line: It is the connecting decorative line between the wall and the roof. It can uglify the vision and hide the lines. It can be made into pattern according to the requirements of the industry.
10. Putty: A kind of decorative material on the exterior of the wall, it is necessary to brush putty before brushing paint to fill the uneven surface of the wall.
11. Wire slotting: also known as dark wire, when walking the circuit, a slot body is opened on the wall with a machine. When burying the line, it is called wire slotting, which plays a hiding and ugly role.
12. Shade engineering: After decoration, it will be covered up by other processes underground. The invisible process is shade engineering. For example: steel bar, waterproof, hydropower, etc.
13. Waterproofing works: Air waterproofing disposal measures to prevent water from corroding the air or leaking downstairs.
14. Stage acceptance: There are many processes in the process of decoration. At the end of each process in the project, the acceptance will be repeated, and then the construction of the next process will be stopped, which is the stage acceptance.
15. Acceptance and acceptance of completion: After the completion of the project decoration, the final acceptance and acceptance of the whole decoration project.
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