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济南装饰公司家具的文化性 来源: 日期:2019-01-22 发布人:admin

Furniture Culture of Jinan Decoration Company
When comfort has reached the people's demand of Jinan Decoration Company, the civilized and ontological body of furniture has been paid more and more attention to by the world. All kinds of culture and art methods without ink are used more and more widely in ancient Chinese furniture decoration, or are summarized and refined, or are free from vulgarity and temperament, such as Chinese painting and calligraphy, ceramic art, writing, carving skills and so on, which have become Chinese furniture design. The decorative theme.
Jinan Decoration Co., Ltd. is classified as follows: aesthetic construction (e.g. D-shaped structure), figurative generalization (e.g. peony, rolled grass), geometric generalization (e.g. palindrome, herringbone), and civilized expression (e.g. luck, longevity, happiness and ominous symbols). Chinese traditional furniture decoration methods are also varied, including lacquer decoration, carving, mosaic, hardware, color painting, fireworks and so on, while Oriental furniture commonly used soft packaging decoration, veneer mosaic, veneer mosaic, car wood decoration and other techniques are rare in Chinese traditional furniture.
Jinan Decoration Company's ancient Chinese furniture continues the decorative techniques of traditional Chinese furniture. It generally adopts the techniques of lacquer decoration, carving, mosaic and hardware, which shows the original style of Chinese furniture to a certain extent. When the house is redecorated, the ceiling should not be exaggerated. If it is too exaggerated, it will affect the indoor light and make people feel very depressed. Old doors and windows can be replaced by burglar-proof doors to make the home safer. If there are cracks and leaks on the wall, we must deal with them well. Old house bathroom must not do wet and dry parting. When decorating bathroom, we can do waterproof again. Waterproof tiles are pasted on the wall to do a good job of wet and dry parting. According to my needs, stop changing bathroom products, so that the function of bathroom becomes weaker and weaker.
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