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旧房改造装饰装修需要注意的事项 来源: 日期:2019-01-11 发布人:admin

Matters needing attention in renovation, decoration and decoration of old houses
1. We need to stop the physical measurement and testing of the house, for example, to see whether the ceiling is cracked, and whether the walls and floors are flat. If we have achievements, we should dispose of the grass-roots units, such as removing the oil stains on the walls, and then use water and sediment to repair the cracks in the uneven base units, and in the future, we should adhere to the wall surface when we stop the reconstruction work. Boring.
2. In the renovation of old houses, doors and windows are the key points to stop the renovation and decoration of old houses. If the waves of wood doors and windows are rippled or aging, it means that the wood of doors and windows is aging. This only needs to be removed and redone. However, if the material is still compact and the outer paint film is intact, a layer of decorative panel can be applied indirectly during the renovation and construction. In addition, if it is made of steel, it can be used indirectly. The windows and doors, with the appearance of paint film scattered or cracked, must be removed and redone.
3. When decorating an old house, we should pay more attention to the decoration materials. After years of application, the wall or the top of the old house must have a certain level of mildew or cracking, which should be properly handled. Otherwise, it will lead to uneven paint color or skin. Therefore, when stopping the old house paint, we should first pre-dispose the wall and top base, and brush a layer of primer to cover up after repairing, so as to make the base more solid.
4. This is also indispensable. At the time of stopping the renovation of old houses, the renovation of water and electricity heating must be done. Many people do not pay enough attention to these renovations. Previously, Xiaobian also gave detailed introduction to the renovation of old houses and water and electricity. The detailed construction process of the renovation of old houses and water and electricity, the five precautions for the renovation of old houses and the price of the renovation of old houses and water and electricity are clear. Detailed list.
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