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济南装饰公司:室内设计的要留意要素 来源: 日期:2018-12-20 发布人:admin

Jinan Decoration Company: Attention Elements of Interior Design
What are the elements of interior design
1. Light and shadow requirements. Human beings like the beauty of nature, often indirectly introducing sunlight into the interior to eliminate the sense of darkness and blockade, especially the top light and soft scattering light, so as to make the interior space more friendly and natural. The change of light and shadow makes the interior richer and more colorful, giving people a variety of feelings.
2. Spatial elements. The rationalization of space and giving people a sense of beauty is the fundamental duty of design. We should be brave in exploring the new abstraction of space given by the times and technology, and not stick to the space abstraction formed by the past.
3. Color requirements. Apart from the influence of indoor color on visual environment, it also indirectly affects people's mood and mind. Superstitious use of color is conducive to tasks and health. Proper color disposal not only meets the functional requirements, but also achieves beautiful results. Apart from abiding by common color rules, interior color also varies with the changes of aesthetic conception of the times.
4. Green elements. Greening in interior design has become an important means to improve the indoor environment. Indoor transplanting of flowers and trees, application of greening and sketches to communicate the indoor and outdoor environment, expand the sense of indoor space and vilify the space all play a positive role.
5. Variable elements. The indoor environment can be composed of indispensable building components, such as pillars, walls and so on, which can be decorated according to the functional requirements. The abundant application of the texture characteristics of different decorative materials can achieve the ever-changing and different styles of indoor art effect, but also can show the characteristics of regional historical civilization.
6. Layout elements. Indoor furniture, carpets, curtains and so on are necessities of life, their shapes often have decorative features, most of them play a decorative role. Applicability and decoration should be coordinated with each other, and their functions and modes should be consistent and varied, so as to make the indoor space comfortable and appropriate and full of characteristics.
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