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Disadvantages of Jinan Home Decoration Design
Because the desire to pursue the inner "beauty" is too intense, so that the decoration is too much, giving people the feeling of jumble and disorder, different styles in every corner, no sense of consistency, too hard to dress up, but less relaxed and calm that belongs to the family. This can be understood as one of the results of the small size of the apartment, which can be formed because of the excessive accumulation of debris, which makes the indoor chaotic. Demand designers through the layout or furniture design, for users to open up more accommodation space.
Lack of applicability. A warm residence can not only satisfy the aesthetic needs of the vision, it must have the applicable characteristics to provide convenience for the residents. To give a complicated example, the toilet is one of the important functional places in a family. The floor of the toilet must have a certain gradient, which is the knowledge of Jinan home decoration design. There are still many such knowledge in the family. Designers should show their professionalism at this time, and they should pay attention to the loss of home knowledge.
The Importance of Interior Decoration Art in Medium and Large Huxing
Indoor furnishings include many kinds, such as furniture, lamps, decorations and so on. It is the existence of interior decoration that enriches the interior space. It makes the interior more different in color and space, enriches the interior of the space, and endows the space with different style.
1 丑化环境,使家居环境更舒适
1. Disgrace the environment and make the home environment more comfortable
Ornamental art is of vital importance, among which functional decoration is indispensable and has nothing to do with people's lives; decorative decoration is also increasingly used in home life with the unpopularity of design art. In addition to the static decoration, the colorful goldfish in the aquarium, the brilliant flowers on the balcony and the vigorous growth of green plants all add limited vitality and vitality to the home. Reasonable selection and display of articles. It reflects the master's love for life and pursuit of beauty.
2 应用室内颜色,改善空间效果
2. Applying indoor color to improve space effect
Different abundant colors give people different feelings, such as warm yellow will make people happy, light and wallpaper use a larger proportion of yellow will give people happy feelings, pessimistic mentality. Blue will give people a quiet and peaceful feeling, according to the user's different temperament characteristics stop color matching, while paying attention to light color gives people the effect of expansion, dark color gives people the effect of expansion.
3 造型优美,展示了装饰文明的特点
3. Beautiful shape, showing the characteristics of decorative civilization
Different styles of soft clothes induce different charms of civilization. For example, the Chinese style of decoration preferred by middle-aged and old people is very natural and simple. It is not a complex superposition of Chinese elements, but an ineffective solution to various traditional shapes. European style of decoration is most commonly used, its decorative patterns are elegant and beautiful, giving people a beautiful enjoyment. There are many rich styles for people to choose, such as Jane Europeans, American countryside, Mediterranean style and pastoral style, etc.
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