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如何维护装修施工地砖? 来源: 日期:2018-12-07 发布人:admin

How to maintain the floor tiles for decoration and construction?
Vitrified bricks are all fired at low temperature and high pressure. There are some huge holes in the exterior of the bricks. The stains are easy to penetrate into the bricks. Now some manufacturers deal with this problem by placing a layer of wax on the exterior of glazed bricks in order to maintain the surface of the bricks. In order to prevent pollution function will also be different. During the construction, we should pay attention to the maintenance. Secondly, there are the following aspects:
First, we should reflect on whether the exterior of vitrified bricks has been waxed before. If not, it must be waxed again before construction. Discrimination waxing method: see whether there is a layer of waxy material on the brick surface, it gives people the feeling that it is foggy, if you touch it with your hand, there will be fingerprints.
2. As for the newly laid floor tiles, they can not walk under them. Because the tiles are not dry, they will be trampled under them, which will artificially create unevenness between the top and bottom of the tiles.
3. During construction, workers are required to wrap rubber hammers in white cloth before using them. The bricks with poor anti-fouling function will leave black marks when they are struck by a leather hammer. It is more difficult to clean.
4. As for newly laid floor tiles, it is necessary to cover them with tile packing boxes (preferably rainproof cloth) so as to avoid sand abrasion, paint and glue droplets used in decoration, and to purify the brick surface.
5. When handling and moving furniture with metal goods, rubber horns and other items, all furniture should be lifted and moved, not indirectly dragged on the bricks. Avoid wearing bricks.
6. Special attention should be paid to not stacking some debris on the newly laid bricks. When heavy objects such as air pumps and operating tables are placed on the paved bricks, cushions must be added to maintain them so as not to wear and tear the bricks due to vibration during operation.
Seventh, after the completion of the entire decoration, and then thoroughly do a cleaning, the bricks will be completely clean, so that the usual self-care is comparatively relaxed.
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