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Jinan Decoration Company tells you the matters needing attention in staircase decoration
The material and style of stairs are changing quietly. Its shape can be changed according to the needs of space, in addition to the convenience of the upper and lower, or pleasant sensory scenery. In the decoration of the stairs of double-style buildings, stairs are not only transitional tools, but also the access to connect the upper floors. They should also be the center of home decoration that can not be ignored. See the stairs decoration of the lower duplex building.
Renovation of small-area living staircase
In the room with small living area, stairs appear to be oppressive and heavy. Some designers in the industry advocate the use of structural expression method to conceive. Its main feature is to make stair steps have a certain permeability, to increase the sense of space squeezing, so as to achieve the perfect combination of space construction, so as to carry out the staircase industry from time to time.
Think carefully about staircase materials
While choosing the materials of decoration and building stairs according to the living style, we should also pay attention to whether there are old people and children in the family. In general, families with old people and children should avoid using steel and iron, staircase steps should not be too high, staircase handrails should be made into circular arcs, not too sharp edges and corners. Wooden flooring and carpeting are optional for stair pedals.
Different data and different styles of work
Rare staircase decoration is usually wooden footboards and wooden or iron railings. The use of forged iron or cast iron originates from modern European countries, so it may be more suitable for home decoration as a European style of home environment, but we can see that many people's homes, whether placed in Chinese classical furniture or ancient concise living room settings. The design style always uses iron railings to decorate stairs, which violates the principle of harmony in interior design.
In fact, there are many materials that can be used to decorate stairs, such as steel, stone, glass, rope, cloth, carpet, etc. Proper combination and application of these data, and the whole style of the room to match, will certainly have a good effect.
Wood: It is widely used in the decoration of stairs. The wooden floors sold in the market can be indirectly paved as footboards, and the handrails can also be made of wood. Wood is characterized by natural, soft and warm, ordinary families use wood.
Steel: It is more common in the homes of older people and artists in ancient times. The coldness it shows and the color of its material itself are very ancient.
Glass: The permeability of the glass itself is more remarkable when it is used as staircase decoration. Nowadays, there are spray glass and mosaic glass on the market, which can be used in stair railings. The more wonderful use is to make stair steps hollow, embedded light tubes, and special glass pedals to make stairs that can shine.
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