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装饰设计公司解析墙面装修三大误区 来源: 日期:2018-11-21 发布人:admin

Decoration design company analyzes wall decoration three misunderstandings
Winter drought, many people complain about cracks in the wall, want to repair as soon as possible, and some people want to paint or paste wallpaper on the wall. Although the process is not too difficult, but there are also some central points we need to pay attention to. When we enter the wrong area, we will only complain. Moyi Decoration Design Company explains the knowledge of wall decoration, in order to avoid owners regretting it.
First, wall cracking should not be repaired immediately.
Moi decoration chief said: due to the dryness and frequent temperature changes, water volatilization and data expansion will form different levels of cracks and cracks, belonging to the normal physical changes of decoration materials, wall cracking indicates that water is volatilizing and can continue to volatilize, if repaired at this time, it will continue to crack.
During the spring repair period, we should be careful not to be anxious, and wait until the spring of next year.
Second, think that there is not much decoration taste in the interior. Immediately living without decoration taste is only the illusion formed by the low temperature in spring. This illusion will gradually be revealed with the beginning of summer heating. At that time, the interior was full of purified air, which will seriously affect the health of the owners.
Even if it's not tasty, you have to wait for half a month to one month before you check in. After you check in, you have to open windows and ventilate in the morning and evening. In the middle of the night, it will become dull and dry.
Three, air drying paint or wallpaper.
Family decoration paint or wallpaper paste, because of the wet winter, usually open doors and windows to let the wall dry in a relatively short time. But if doors and windows are opened in spring, because the weather is dull, the walls will be dried faster, but because the water is lost too quickly, there will be expansion and deformation.
Paint or lay wallpaper within 1-2 days, insist on closing doors and windows, perhaps only in the morning and evening to stop ventilation, but always adhere to the natural shady dry form of the wall. During the summer heating period, the temperature of the house is lowered, especially boring. We must pay attention to moisturizing. If we can, use humidifier to avoid cracking of the paint film.
This article is organized by Jinan Mulan Duncheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. http://wwwmulanqingchengcom. We will provide you with the knowledge of Jinan Decoration Company. Interested friends can pay attention to us, thank you!!


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