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Five points for attention to let you out of the misunderstanding of decoration.
For many families, home decoration is a major event, because it is not only distressing, but also using years of storage. Therefore, we must be steady before decorating, so as not to destroy the people. Here are tips for avoiding misunderstandings.
1. lack of characteristics. Nowadays, hotel-style residence decoration is ubiquitous, mostly because the owner has no idea, or the designer of the decoration company is not high in essence. Blindly following the trend, without considering the difference between home and hotel. Hotel is stylized design, while home is its own, it should show its own characteristics and meet its own requirements.
2. blindly pursue luxury. We will provide advanced information, engage in data stacking, and frequently use ceiling, doffer and large area mosaic. Such decoration is vulgar and lacks grade, and the final result is that high-level data is of low effect.
3., lose sight of one another. In the large structure, the balance is not good, and the overall structure is not considered thoroughly, which not only destroys the decorative function but also ignores the functional requirements.
4. the maladjustment of decoration and furniture. It's hard to imagine that in a room decorated with pure classical European style, the furniture with Steel-wood combination and modern industrial charm can play a good role. Therefore, the best decorative style, with what style of furniture, so that decoration and furniture in the style of harmony.
5., the lights are out of tune. Lighting seems unimportant, but in fact it is one of the important factors that can not be ignored in interior decoration, playing a key role. In addition to the application requirements, if the lamp is not properly allocated, it will make the original excellent decoration dark fire, success or failure.
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