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济南房子装修装修的四大过程很重要 来源: 日期:2018-11-08 发布人:admin

Ji'nan housing renovation and decoration of the four major processes are very important.
As we all know, room decoration is a huge and messy project, and the process is interlinked, can't make mistakes, otherwise we have to rework, bring trouble to ourselves. Therefore, before decoration, we must understand the order of decoration, so as to prevent trouble before it happens. So, what is the process of room decoration? The following Wantai decoration Xiaobian on the next four most important steps in the new house decoration, hope to help your family decoration!
1. house design is very important.
Before decoration, we should first contact the decoration company, take the planner to the scene, let the planner understand the household structure, and then inform the planner of their ideas. In the next 7 days, the planner will show us the effect map, criticize and debate the amendment opinions on both sides. When satisfied, he may be able to negotiate the price for the decoration company and sign an agreement to start construction later.
2. water, electricity, gas and heating.
In the beginning of construction, the pipelines laid by developers should be reviewed in detail to see if there are unqualified pipelines, and if there are, the unqualified products should be replaced. In particular, the water and electricity, gas and heating pipelines are particularly stable. Otherwise, although the cost of hydropower renovation is within the decoration fee, the heating pipeline laying has to be charged extra. Therefore, it is necessary to decide whether to install the heating pipeline according to its own needs and economic conditions.
3. shaved white
After all the above processes are finished, the scraping begins to be clear, and there are two layers of scraping. The bottom layer is gypsum powder and clear powder, and the surface layer is latex paint. During the scraping, the latex paint has to go 4-5 times. Otherwise, when scraping clearly, the indoor temperature should not be too low. It is better to control the temperature around 10 C. The temperature is too low, and the cracks appear carelessly. After scraping is clear, carpenters can come in and lay the floor. At this time, they can ventilate and let us stay in advance.
4. installation of lamps and lanterns
After the carpenter has finished, he should install the lamps, which include the installation of various lamps, switches and doors, and repair some defects. After the carpenter has finished, he will settle all the works. In this way, all the projects will be completed, around one and a half months to two months, although if there are special begging friends for decoration, the construction period will also be more difficult to extend the relative degree of decoration.
In summary, all the above-mentioned Jinan Mulanqingcheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. provides, want to know more about Jinan Decoration Company knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our website: Thank you for your support!


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