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What are the decorative styles of three rooms and two rooms?
Three rooms and two halls as the first choice of the modern young people just need the type of household, for this three rooms and two halls of the type of household will choose what kind of decorative style, you are not a mess, now home decoration e station small edition will introduce several modern popular three rooms and two halls decorative style effect map, see if there is your favorite?
Scandinavian wind has been popular with many young people in recent years. It is concise, refreshing, warm, fresh and elegant to meet the aesthetic needs of a wide range of people. When we understand the soul of Nordic planning, we can understand the elements behind it. Color mixing is one of the most important characteristics of Nordic wind. The visual center of the space is highlighted by color allocation, usually with white as the tone, gray, log and other main colors, supplemented by a few pure colors as decoration, all tend to light color system, giving a clean and bright feeling.
Decorative style of three rooms, two rooms: modern fine style
Modern refined style, literally, is to make all the details look very succinct. However, simplicity does not mean simplicity. The birth of the modern style of simplicity is the extension of planning and thinking through deliberate innovation. It is not simply "stacking" and "placing".
Decorative style of three rooms, two rooms: Hong Kong Style
Elegant and luxurious with metallic colors and lines, all kinds of texture stone, mirror stainless steel and other raw materials penetrate the sensitive, creating a unique style of Hong Kong-style decoration fashionable and brilliant. In the application of information, many of the use of tempered glass, stainless steel and other new materials as supplementary materials, the use of modern Hong Kong style more common decorative techniques, can give people a sense of avant-garde, unfettered.
Decorative style of three rooms, two rooms: fresh Japanese style
The Japanese style is mostly dominated by logs. It is famous for its brilliant control and deep Zen. It makes people feel close to nature. Nowadays, many young writers and artists are in love with Japanese style because of their succinct, sophisticated and natural characteristics. Japanese style can adopt the modern style of log color home planning, deployment of Japanese minimalism, create a close to the natural and warm Zen world.
Three bedroom two hall decoration style -- American style
American style is not only the emergence of a style, also do not need too many rigid rules in the planning, can be more arbitrary according to the idea of the owner, different periods, different varieties of objects together, often collide with different sparks, the day will be filled with fun everywhere.
Mediterranean style, the Mediterranean style is not European-style brilliant, no modern eyes, some just a simple day. Every romantic hearts are looking forward to the day facing the sea, spring world, the Mediterranean style is such a beautiful planning style.
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