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秋季装修墙体出现裂纹怎么处理更好? 来源: 日期:2019-08-27 发布人:admin

Cracks at the base of wall joints will lead to cracks on the surface of the wall. The cracks mainly occur at the joints of reinforced concrete shear wall and ceramsite brick, reinforced concrete beam and ceramsite brick, back-blocked entrance, gypsum board partition wall and original wall. Joint cracking is mainly due to the influence of surrounding environment or external forces, gypsum board, prefabricated partition board and prefabricated floor will shrink, position changes, resulting in joint cracks, generally vertical or horizontal joints.
Processing method: It is suggested that the whole building should be repaired after the deformation of the building tends to be stable. Repair in a short time is prone to recurrence.
1. Putty Layer Cracking
Wall putty scraping can make the wall more smooth and delicate, smoothness is much higher than the cement wall, so that the wall paint effect is better, but also save paint. If the putty layer cracks, it is easy to cause surface cracking. Therefore, attention should be paid to avoid cracks in putty layer during construction.
Processing method: If the crack has penetrated into the putty layer, the crack can be enlarged to a taper size with sharp tools, filled with seam gypsum and polished to find the level, pasted on the grid cloth or kraft paper, then leveled with putty, and finally carried out in accordance with the normal process.
2. Cracking of plastering layer
The cracks of plastering layer on wall can be divided into normal cracking and abnormal cracking. Normal cracking mainly refers to cracks in plastering layer caused by shrinkage of cement mortar; Abnormal Cracking mainly results from cracks caused by improper materials or construction technology. Normal cracking is difficult to avoid, but abnormal cracking can be avoided.
Processing method: If there is a large area of empty drum in the plastering layer, the original plastering layer should be knocked out, and the plastering layer of cement mortar should be redone. After leveling, the plastering layer should be painted according to the normal process. However, the cost of this treatment will be relatively higher. If there is only a small area of cracking, no sand dump, empty drum, fall off, can be covered with fine cloth wall, and then according to the normal process of construction.
3. Cracking of wall structure
Cracks in the structural layer of the wall itself can also cause cracks on the surface of the wall. Including two situations, one is that the original wall itself has cracks, and no appropriate treatment measures have been taken in the later decoration process; the other is that the original wall does not crack in the decoration fashion, and cracks are produced in the later period due to uneven settlement of the foundation, large temperature changes and other reasons.
Processing method: This kind of cracking ordinary decoration method can not be repaired, we must find professional building structure personnel according to the actual situation, take appropriate measures.


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