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装修的边角的空间使用技巧! 来源: 日期:2019-08-07 发布人:admin

1. Design small study with balcony
In the application skills of decoration corner space, the small balcony is the center that can not be neglected. Many families will regard the balcony as a sundry room, which wastes a little space. In fact, it is a good choice to prepare the balcony for waterproofing and sun protection when decorating, and to use the balcony to build a small study.
2. Designing bookshelves with window sills
In the application skills of decoration corner space, there are many windows in the living room, bedroom, study and other space that can be applied, such as making an open bookcase under the window sill, which is both beautiful and applicable. Moreover, it can put a mat beside it and sit on it to read books in leisure time, which is very comfortable.
Application Skills of Edge and Corner Space in Decoration
3. Use staircase to design receipt cabinet
Ordinary about large apartment or duplex decoration, there will be stairs at home, and stairs are also a comparatively difficult application of the central, decoration design time, can apply decoration corner space application skills, stairs are designed as receipt cabinets, separated into small lattices of storage cabinets, convenient to apply. At the same time, because the stairs are often moved around, when making receipt cabinets, remember to install cabinet doors, when daily cleaning.
4. Applied hall design top cabinet
In decoration corner space application skills, if the lobby is not very broad, there is no way to make a big shoe cabinet, but there are many shoe bags how to deal with? Then make a row of top cabinets. Ordinary comparison commonly used on the bottom, not commonly used shoes, bags, etc. can be placed on the top cabinet, to buy a uniform decorative box, so as not to confuse space.
5. Design of Storage Cabinet with Inclined Top
Ordinary encounter inclined roof household, decoration design is "waste into treasure", designed into storage cabinet, first, the outer edge of the storage cabinet can make the inclined top of the visual height, and the cabinet inside can indeed hold a lot of things, applicable.


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