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老人房装修的色彩的搭配事项介绍 来源: 日期:2019-07-09 发布人:admin

1. Decoration of old people's houses to prevent large-scale use of cold colors
When the old people's house is decorated, we can properly place some cold colors of decorations, but don't use large areas of cold colors to decorate the room. Because old people are old, it can easily produce this kind of loneliness, lonely feeling, if the color is large, it will further promote the loneliness of the elderly heart, with the passage of time, will affect the psychological well-being of the elderly. Blue, black, dark blue and other colors are too bland, depressing color should not be in the old room large area.
2. Decoration of old people's houses to prevent the use of too bright colors
Too bright color will increase the burden of the elderly from the visual. As the age increases, the mood of most old people begins to become warlike and stable. Bright colors are easy to excite, too long physical stimulation, it is easy to produce a sense of fatigue. Long-term mental fatigue is harmful to the health of the elderly. However, this does not mean that it is absolutely impossible to adopt bright colors. It is still possible to adorn a large area of light-colored decoration with random one or two bright colors.


3. The decoration of old people's houses should not be too intense
In order to prevent monotony, it is possible to use several color matching old rooms. But in the choice of color, try not to choose too intense contrast color, such as red and green contrast, orange and purple illumination, etc. The color contrast is too intense, which not only causes dizziness to the old man, but also accelerates the deterioration of the old man's vision.
4. The decoration of old people's houses is mainly light color.
The color of the old people's room should be greasy as the main color. The light color can give people a sense of calm and relaxation, not when people are in an exciting state of body. The old people fall asleep as soon as possible, which helps to improve the quality of sleep. Old age shell color commonly used is gray, light gray, light brown, light blue and other colors, which can help to eliminate tiredness of the elderly, the elderly adhere to quiet, relaxed mood.
5. Comfortable lighting color for old people's house decoration
Color is an important part of pale housing for the elderly. Under normal conditions, warm light should be applied in the decoration of old people's houses, and cold light is little or no. The light color of the old people's room should not be too overcast.
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