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如何装饰温馨实用的儿童房? 来源: 日期:2019-06-17 发布人:admin

1. Tatami is a good choice.
Tatami is a good choice for small household secondary sleeping. It can also be used as a bed to increase storage space. This kind of children's room is also very good. Because tatami is generally comparatively short, if there is a game mat next to the bed, even if the baby is not honest in sleeping, he will not be hurt if he falls off the tatatami carelessly.
But there is a hidden danger, because of the use of more plates, environmental protection may be greatly increased. Plates may conform to E0 specification, but more use will also have enrichment effect, and generally small space to do more tatami, so a large number of small space plate release formaldehyde, it is easy to exceed the standard.
In terms of room color, girls usually use pink, boys use blue, but this is not intact, so try to use soft clothes, so that later can be easily changed.
3. Home furnishings
Children will have different needs and hobbies at each stage of their growth. Therefore, the furniture and furnishings in the room should be purchased as much as possible instead of customized, so that they can be easily adjusted and changed later, and can also give children different feelings and moods.
4. Reading atmosphere
Life atmosphere is as important as life habits. In order to develop the habit of reading for children, we should put more books in the room and living room. In addition, we usually accompany children to read more books. Some good habits can benefit children for life. Reading about the development of children's temperament, the expansion of knowledge is far from comparable to animation and games.
5. Hobbies of taking care of children
Ordinary children like painting more, so it is better to add some easels and small blackboards in the children's room, which not only prevents the walls from being polluted by children, but also enables children to have a central release of their nature. Maybe children's graffiti at an early age will become a hobby in their future work, and occasionally will bring inspiration for their parents to create.
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