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小户型阳台装修改造应该注意哪些事项? 来源: 日期:2019-06-10 发布人:admin

Nowadays, many people are accustomed to sealing up the balcony as a storage room for articles, or using the balcony as a studio after encapsulation. But when there are a lot of miscellaneous things, they inevitably show confusion and beauty. At this time, our first task is to let the sunshine penetrate, and at the same time with different storage tools to make the miscellaneous things look orderly, so that we can also use green plants or hand-painted walls to stop decorating.
In many families, the balcony is just a center for washing and drying clothes and putting potted flowers and plants. Few people choose to write articles on the balcony. In fact, with a snack machine and some decorative elements, your balcony immediately becomes different.
Whether the small balcony is connected with the bedroom or the kitchen, in order to effectively use the space, it is best to connect it with the living room, and only need to use floor windows to separate from the outside world, in order to achieve better privacy and decorative effect. If the decoration of the small balcony and bedroom air into a uniform floor, it will increase the space a lot.
When the balcony is close to the kitchen, this problem will be more obvious. At this time, we can use the corner of the balcony to build a storage area to store vegetables, food or kitchen items that are not often used. If the balcony area of the kitchen is comparatively large, a small amount of folding furniture can be placed for rest and friends'dinner.
If the balcony area is larger and located in the top floor, it should belong to the "balcony". The balcony can be used as any room by adding a transparent arc lighting roof, and it is more suitable as a restaurant.
In the construction of blockade leisure balcony, the two most complementary materials are rattan and stone. A natural, with a natural curve; a simple, permeated with the smell of soil. One as furniture, warm, ergonomic, and one as air or wall, wear-resistant, easy to clean and fire. Separated together, it is easy to create a pleasant recreational balcony.
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