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小户型的卧室的软装怎么设计吗? 来源: 日期:2019-05-17 发布人:admin

The larger bedroom, the main bedroom and the main bathroom are better connected by cloakroom, which can release the cloakroom function greatly. Home with a wide bathroom can use its entrance to make a row of wardrobes, and then set up a large area of wearing mirrors to extend the visual sense, so that daily life is more convenient and fast. If the bedroom exactly has a sandwich planning, you can use sandwich and corridor ladder to make a simple cloakroom. Skillfully designed distances can be used in every corner.
1. Storage space is built-in. In order to have large space, it is better not to use traditional methods for storage cabinets. They often occupy one wall or more, and the situation of different height is easy to occur. They are especially taboo in small space. Applying the built-in space of the wall without leaving too many traces outside is a smart choice.
2. Multifunctional furniture. Multipurpose and spatial diversity are fundamental requirements. Furniture that can be used as both a sofa and a bed, a desk and a bookcase is the fundamental element to create multi-function. It can also use the top of the low cabinet and drawer cabinet as the desktop.
3. The wonderful use of mirrors. Although it is a taboo to put mirrors in the bedroom in the traditional sense, it is not harmful to place them properly. Mirror can enhance the brightness of bedroom lighting, increase the visual space, so that the small room looks less narrow.
4. The style of work should be unified. After the function is guaranteed, the unnecessary things should be discarded resolutely for the sake of beauty. The same color system and material are better choices, and we should think about the placement.
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