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新房的装修装饰的开工要注意什么? 来源: 日期:2019-03-25 发布人:admin

1. Choosing Jiri to Begin Work
Decoration must begin with the seasonal day of Huangdao. Usually, a few days are suitable for earthwork on the Yellow calendar. As a result, the owner may wish to turn the Yellow calendar before starting work. If conditions permit on the day of construction, simple ceremonies can also be stopped, that is, paper on the basis of incense ceremonies, firecrackers and incense burning. Details vary from place to place.
2. Participants'Early Survey
The participants in the decoration ceremony were also very special. For example, if the construction ceremony requests the construction team to hold a funeral within a week, it is not appropriate to participate. If the wife is pregnant, it's better not to show up on the day of construction. Apart from homeowners, there are many other central authorities that do not require the presence of other women. If the host is only a formal holiday, it is also necessary to prevent it, so these are also things that everyone needs to pay attention to.
3. Focus on size details
Beginning work requires higher size details. Before the commencement ceremony, if it is a household decoration, please make sure that the kitchen door and Feng Shui are the same size. If the office is innovative, please pay special attention to the size of the office door. The problem of geomantic omen.
4. Follow-up Notes
After the commencement of the ceremony, it is necessary to enter the construction stage. This stage also needs to pay attention to the decoration of new houses. At the beginning of the renovation, hydropower was rebuilt. Please note that the water pipe cannot pass under the door. If the decoration materials are destroyed, the decoration site should be liquidated immediately, and the construction personnel should not graffiti on the wall. It is impossible to write some unlucky words or pictures. If found, it should be liquidated in time.
In addition, it should be noted that hammers, clamps and other construction tools can not be left at the construction site. If tools are left on the ceiling unexpectedly, they will keep pressing overhead. There are also nails like metal rods that need to be consolidated and not exposed in order to avoid injury and innocence.
5. It should also be noted that once a project is started, it is necessary to ensure that people or voices are heard every day at the end of the construction period.
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