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Attention should be paid to those aspects in decoration
1. Waterproof Engineering Notes
Waterproof engineering is a very meticulous task because of its shade. Firstly, before decoration, the constructor should do 24-hour water closure experiment. Under the condition of no leakage, the airborne debris should be cleared up and the loose parts removed. Then, the uneven center should be smoothed with water and sediment slurry, and the whole surface should be stopped smoothing. In fact, there is another benefit of water closure experiment is that it can ineffectively distinguish and determine the responsibility system of waterproofing projects, there is leakage scene responsibility in the developer, no leakage scene after decoration, responsibility in the decoration company.
2. Attentions to wall and keel
When stopping the design of all home furnishings, it is also very important to pay attention to the wall and keel. If the wall and keel violate the operation process, the general situation is not easy to be found. If all the roofs may collapse in part, the ceiling will really become a "drop" of the roof.
3. Cautions for ceiling
If the ceiling is not well combined with the floor slab, keel and decorative panel, it may be easy to form a "roof drop" under the condition of heavy load. Generally, according to the rules, the keel of the ceiling should not be distorted and deformed. The keel with good installation should be strong and reliable, and the degree of deviation around it can not exceed 5 mm. If the ceiling lamp weighs more than 3 kilograms or the ceiling fan is not recommended to be suspended on the keel of the ceiling, it should be installed with another hook. If the ceiling is fitted with gypsum board as decorative panel, its thickness should be controlled at about 9mm.
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