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Jinan Home Decoration 14 Small Details to Improve Life Happiness
1. If the corridor at home is comparatively long, maybe it is often said that when you return home in the morning without lighting, the induction lamp is a good choice. You can add warmth without turning on the lamp, and you don't need to feel dark, right? It is strongly recommended that you can use it, especially if there are old people and children who like to wake up at night.
2. The toilet in the bathroom should be equipped with a toilet spray gun. In this way, we can leave the traditional cleaning method and clean the dirty toilet easily and conveniently, right? Our traditional toilet cleaning, which peripheral dead corners can not be cleaned in the center, and this spray gun can be done in minutes.
3. Switch sockets at home. In this edition, we suggest 2 points. The first point is that we can install a socket with USB check near the bedside cabinet. In this way, if we can't find the head of the charger, it is very convenient to charge. The second point is that when we install the socket, we don't think about the height of the socket and the height of the furniture. This is not the case, so it presents the following situation. The socket device is good. They're all covered up by furniture.
4. If there are stairs in the house, it is suggested that like the bedroom, a double-control switch should be installed, so as to facilitate the switch, without running back and forth to turn off the lights, which is very convenient.
5. The countertops of kitchens and bathrooms are still equipped with the edge of the water bar. Otherwise, once we wash, who will drip down the edge to the ground, will be trampled dirty, which greatly adds the cleaning coefficient.
6. Check valves must be installed in the kitchen. If they are not installed, it will be easy to present other people's cooking in the early stage. All kinds of food fragrance and oil pollution will come to your home. That's a dilemma.
7. The upper of the shoe cabinet of the entrance can be designed with space left, so that the shoes we often wear can be removed without opening the shoe cabinet, which is very convenient. There is also the partition of the shoe cabinet suggested that we still do the movable board, so that there will not be some shoes can not be put down.
8. When decorating, install as many plugboards as possible at home, and you will know how convenient it will be in the future.
9. The height of the plug-in device in kitchen and toilet is not less than 1.2 meters, and the height of other central plug-ins is not less than 70 cm in the air. New house decoration 14 unexpected decoration details! Strips are related to the quality of life! Relative applicability
10. When the dry road is rebuilt, a local filter should be installed in the water intake main office to stop filtering the sediment, and a five-level pollution filter should be installed. If a treasure sells for one or two hundred yuan, it will be very suitable.
11. Make as many cabinets as possible at home. When you come out, there will be more and more things in the future. You will know how convenient it is when there are more cabinets.
12. Don't install hangers in the kitchen. The hangers are really not suitable. Especially when the kitchen is small, it is very pressing and inconvenient to take things. New house decoration 14 unexpected decoration details! Strips are related to the quality of life! Relative applicability
13. When installing the basement cabinet, never install the condiment bar. It's not suitable at all. Most of the things can't be released, and it's inconvenient to get them. It's better to make a 200 ** 300 * 800 simple condiment cabinet on the stove.
14. Make two drawers on the kitchen cabinet, one for rice and one for decoration. They are especially useful.
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