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办公室装修中的小细节,需求注意的事项 来源: 日期:2019-01-02 发布人:admin

Small details in office decoration and matters needing attention
The success of an office decoration design project is because you care about small details. Detailed decisions of success or failure, office design is also everywhere. Pay attention to details, professional and dedicated performance!
1. Pop-up socket. In many restaurants, we have seen a lot of people use such sockets. The pop-up socket is designed in the same way as in the air. It can pop up when it is used quietly, without retracting from time to time. It is clean and safe. Especially nowadays, electronic products are widely used, so the design of socket becomes more and more important.
2. Socket with switch. The socket with switch can let each socket perform its duties. Opening only requires power, closing redundant, no wastage, no chagrin, easy to use and safe, designed for lazy people. Especially after washing hands or bathing, the hands with water, contact with power supply is very uneasy, there is a socket switch is more convenient and safe, do not worry about electric shock.
3. Faucet selection. Office space is a public place, people come and go, if the tap is twisted, have to turn the valve, many people will feel unsanitary and difficult to clean. Then, when decorating, we should pay attention to the choice, choose the kind of faucet that can switch with the back of the hand can save customers a lot of tips.
This article is organized by Jinan Mulan Qingcheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. We will provide you with more knowledge of Jinan Decoration Company. Interested friends can pay attention to us. Thank you!!


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