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Misconceptions of Family Decoration in Jinan
When a new house is being renovated, many owners will fall into the misunderstanding of renovation, which causes the initial decoration effect to be less than expected. However, there are some misunderstandings in the process of construction of Jinan family decoration.
Misconceptions of Jinan New House Decoration:
1. Picking cheap water pipes and wires does not look at quality
If in the hydroelectric transformation, select high-end information, especially the poor quality products, after doing a good job, if the water pipeline and power lines show achievements, basically all need to open the wall to repair again, so it is very troublesome. And especially the quality of the wire shows results, it is very easy to cause safety incidents. When some owners choose to buy water pipes and wiring when they are decorating, in order to save their budget, they often only pay attention to the low price and ignore the quality. This is a serious mistake. It is too late to regret once the decoration needs to be re-equipped or when there is a hidden danger of safety.
2. The direction of water pipe is irregular.
According to statistics, many owners will make such a rare mistake, that is, the irregular direction of water pipes, the bending of water pipes, water pipes all go underground. Many people think that the connection of water pipes does not need to be too elaborate. When there is a demand, the connection at will is that it will add the probability of leakage of water pipes, which will be more disadvantageous to future maintenance.
3. Repeated wiring
In order to make the pipeline look clearer, some builders use one pipeline for each wire. In this way, many pipelines are buried outside the wall. Maybe it is necessary to destroy the wall and most of the structure in the air in order to find the achievement point. Generally speaking, the line should be made into a "live line". Without exceeding 40% of the pipeline capacity, the same direction of the wire should be placed in a pipe. This is not only economical, but also prevents the trouble of maintenance in the future.
4. Direct burial of wires without casing
Some incompetent builders bury wires indirectly into the wall during construction, the wires are not covered with insulating pipes, and the wires are exposed indirectly, which can easily lead to hidden dangers of safety. It is a typical phenomenon of jerry-building and material reduction. In the future life, the wires are short maintenance, easy to be bitten by rats or may receive internal damage, and the wires are short-circuited. The standard for laying wires is clear. Insulation bushing must be maintained outside the wires, and the joints should not be exposed. Therefore, in the construction supervision, the owner must monitor whether the construction party can carry out the construction according to the requirements.
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