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古代装修作风解析古代装修作风有哪些 来源: 日期:2018-12-03 发布人:admin

Analysis of Ancient Decoration Style
Ancient Style of Jinan Decoration Company
Ancient decoration style decoration highlights the characteristics and tastes of the owner of the room, in the purchase of furniture is comparable to complex, both fashionable and leisure. Format appears concise and bright hall, building a warm sunshine home atmosphere. Now follow into the ancient decoration style analysis, what is the ancient decoration style?
Home decoration is very dark, white painted walls, hanging two characteristic decorative paintings. Distance wood chandeliers on the ceiling, brown and white. The carpet with a sense of design is more refreshing in sufficient light. Soft cotton and linen art sofa, light brown is the color of natural raw materials, no other color embedded.
Mirrors are indispensable in a broad and bright house. Wall-mounted mirrors, like inverted tennis rackets, are interesting. There are a lot of receipt cabinets, big and small, in the middle of the wall, the style and color are different, but they all show elegant temperament. Enough application space, but also dealt with many practical life of the acceptance results.
Kitchen decoration and many ancient decoration style, relying on the bar partition function area. At the same time, the chandeliers of the bar are lowered gently, and some fashionable high stools are used to render the petty bourgeoisie sentiment. The owner loves all kinds of wine. In the living room, the bar can see a small amount of all kinds of wine. Without the need for a separate wine cabinet, a small cabinet or multi-storey wine shelf can put these wines in order.
Several bamboo-knitted backrest chairs are very popular in summer. Participating in the elements of nature in the home can lead to a more comfortable life experience, which seems to be thrown into the embrace of nature.
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