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济南装饰公司分析了小公寓装修的六大禁忌 来源: 日期:2018-11-20 发布人:admin

Ji'nan decoration company analyzed the six taboos of small apartment decoration.
1. of the decorative ceiling is too complicated for large-sized apartment, the height of the space is not high, so the decoration of the ceiling, you should choose a small decoration method, or simply do not avoid making the ceiling ceiling. The ceiling decoration is too complicated.
2.超大家具:小型房屋应以小而实用的家具为基础。购买家具应遵循& ldquo; Ning Xiao Do Big& amp; rdquo;的此外,还应考虑实际的存储功能。衣柜应选择更窄更小,床周围的抽屉可用于储存。
2. super large furniture: small houses should be based on small and practical furniture. The purchase of furniture should follow Amp; ldquo Ning; Xiao Do Bigamp; amp; rdquo; in addition, should also consider the actual storage function. The wardrobe should be narrower and smaller, and the drawers around the bed can be used for storage.
The 3. division of ground decoration: because the space is narrow, many people often choose different styles of decorative materials and to distinguish between regions, to highlight the decorative effect. This will not only increase the sense of space, and the space structure of winding will cause visual impairment and a waste of space.
4. unauthorized modification of space structure: people have repeatedly changed walls to increase space. However, the bearing wall, pipe flue, sewage and electrical appliances and other changes can easily affect the load-bearing structure of the housing, resulting in shorter service life.
5. walls hoarse: for small units, the brighter the color, the higher the purity, the more suitable. As the wall color purity is more intense, people's visual senses will be more malleable, it can make the space more spacious and bright in the vision.
6. monotone lighting: the small space lighting, primary and secondary is very important, it can make the space more abundant. The main light can choose a simple ceiling lamps, cross use, then the use of different light sources such as lamps, wall lamps and spotlights, layered stressed lamp.
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