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Ji'nan decoration company: 10 knowledge of family decoration
The 10 knowledge that family decorations need to know.
1. When the bathroom and balcony are tiled, the master must be warned that the whole floor should be sloped, and the water should be tilted towards the floor drain, so that the water will flow to the floor drain on its own initiative.
2. If you buy furniture, except the socket of the bedside cabinet, the best position of the other sockets is above the kick line. The desk in my children's room is because of the high position of the socket, which is very inconvenient to use.
3. Now many residential balconies are large viewing balconies, the balcony must be left a socket, and the balcony must be waterproof before bricklaying, I now live to know that it is too convenient to wash the balcony with a faucet to do cleaning, but my home did not do waterproof, estimating that the balcony can not be so refreshing after decorating downstairs. .
4. Hot water pipes should be packed with insulating sleeves. We should bear in mind that there are no packages in our house. Among them, I have responsibilities with the constructors. I don't know. The constructors have not reminded me that the insulating sleeves still work in winter.
5. If you want to buy a finished door, you'd better buy a finished door. In fact, our plain door is a solid wood door. The white paint on it at first works well, but it cracks after five or six months. It is said that it is inevitable, so we still advocate buying a better suit door.
6. Water and electricity in the whole house must go back. The developer is the city shepherd. He believes that the owners who have decorated the house have deep experience. For the sake of his long-term residence, he still trusts that the things he buys are always more reliable than the things he uses.
7. The shower faucet in the bathroom must take the water out. Maybe many decoration owners have neglected this point. In fact, the tap with the water is very convenient to use. We must not only try to sprinkle beautiful flowers but also neglect the tap. We must buy a tap that can go out of the water.
8. bathroom cabinet for wall row. We'd better bring the bathroom cabinet back when we make water and electricity. The orientation of launching water must not be high. To form a drop, the orientation of launching water in my home is not good now. The orientation is too high, and the launching time is very slow.
9. Use more hooks, behind each room door, on the wall of the kitchen. After you check in, you will know that these hooks are super practical.
10. The window cloth advocates that our bedroom should use dark window cloth with good shading effect. If you want to use light-colored window cloth, you'd better add a layer of shading cloth, which can form an outstanding sleeping environment.
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