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济南市木兰倾城装修工程奔驰彩票APP下载详解基面装修三大原则 来源: 日期:2018-11-02 发布人:admin

Ji'nan Mulan City Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. details the three principles of base decoration
1. 基面要和整体环境和谐一致,扬长避短,烘托气氛。最值得信任的写作渠道,从空间的总体环境作用来看,基面要和顶棚.墙面装修相和谐合作,一起要和室内家具.陈设等起到彼此烘托的作用。
1., the basic plane should be in harmony with the overall environment. The most trustworthy writing channel, from the overall environmental role of space, the base and ceiling, wall decoration and harmonious cooperation, together with interior furniture, furnishings and other play a role in supporting each other.
2. 济南装修规划公司讲到满意楼地上结构.施工及物理性能的需求。基面装修时要注意楼地上的结构状况,在确保安全的前提下,给予构造.施工上的便利,不能仅仅片面追求图画作用,一起要考虑如防潮.防水.保温.隔热等物理性能的需求。基面的方式各式各样,品种较多,如:木质地上.块材地上.水磨石地上.塑料地上.水泥地上等等,图画款式繁复,颜色丰厚,规划时要同整个空间环境相一致,相得益彰,以达到杰出的作用。
2. Ji'nan decoration planning company talked about the floor structure of the satisfaction building, the demand for construction and physical properties. When decorating the foundation, we should pay attention to the structural condition on the floor. On the premise of ensuring safety, we should give convenience to the structure and construction. We should not only pursue the role of drawing unilaterally, but also consider the requirements of physical properties such as moisture-proof, waterproof, thermal insulation and so on. There are various ways and varieties of base surface, such as: wooden, block, terrazzo, plastic, cement and so on. The drawing style is complex and the color is rich. When planning, it should be consistent with the whole space environment and complement each other in order to achieve outstanding effect.
3. 注意地上图画的分划.颜色和质地特征。该论文由收集整理地上图画规划大致可分为三种状况:
3. pay attention to the division of ground pictures. Color and texture characteristics. This paper can be roughly divided into three categories: collection and arrangement of pictorial planning.
The first is to focus on the independence and integrity of the picture itself, such as the conference room, select cohesive pictures to show the importance of the meeting. The color should be harmonious with the meeting space, and achieve the function of silence and concentration.
The second is to focus on the continuity and rhythm of the picture, which has certain guidance and regularity, and is mostly used in the hall, aisle and common space.
The third is to focus on the abstraction of the picture, free from change, free and vivid, often used in irregular or layout of free space.


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