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(1) Function
Function first is the basis of family decoration design. Residence is originally the closest relationship with people. How to meet the needs of each different family member's life details is an important link for designers to communicate with customers frequently. We often say that the owner is the first designer, a set of short-term function design plan will only give people a false impression, as long as the function is put in the first place to meet the needs of every family member's life details, so that family life is warm, convenient, healthy and upward.
(2) Space
Coiling function planning to make space have "the beauty of rhythm of solidified music" is the expressive method of design. Space design is to stop the shaping of interior form by using various methods of space definition. The main basis of shaping interior space form is the material and physical needs of modern people, as well as the rationality of technology. Common space forms are: blockade space, open space, active space, dynamic space, shared space, virtual space, grey space, mother-child space, subsidence space, platform space, etc.
(3) Interface
Interface design is the selection and disposal of appearance, color and materials of the interior of the building. It includes the design of wall, top, air and intersecting parts. Designers often make a design plan to understand a theme for themselves, just as an article should have a central idea, so that residential buildings and interior decoration can be separated satisfactorily, with distinct rhythms, changing colors, true and false contrast, point, line and surface harmony, designers like to compose an endless movement.
(4) Jewelry
Ornaments are ornaments, which are the finishing touches after the interior design of the building is completed and the function, space and interface are integrated. They give the living room a vivid attitude, warm atmosphere, edifying temperament and strengthening the life atmosphere.
(5) Economy
It is the professional principle of every designer to make the owner achieve the effect of value for money with limited investment. Reasonable and organic integration of various parts, to reach the poetic and verve is the supreme situation of design.
(6) Culture
Full expression and sublimation of each owner's living culture is the pursuit of design. Every owner's life habits, social experience, interests and aesthetic taste are different, and the individuality and cultural connotation of home can also be expressed. Creating excellent works from time to time is the source of progressing designers from time to time.


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