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There are many ordinary offices in the government and public institutions, so before stopping the decoration design of Jinan office, we should divide each department and arrange a reasonable location. Reasonable layout can better meet its functional needs. Then we should think about the layout of the office area, the design of the work station and the general wiring, and so on.
1. Showing corporate culture and corporate image
In Jinan office decoration design, we should not only meet the staff's work needs, but also pay attention to the decoration design effect itself, so as to highlight the corporate culture and the company's image and body, and create a positive working atmosphere. In addition, in today's office decoration in Jinan also needs to let employees feel the same warmth and warmth as home, so that they become more active in the work process and help improve work efficiency.
2. Bright colors and plenty of light in the Office
Modern office decoration design in Jinan must have the characteristics of simplicity and brightness, in the choice of color to be clean and neat, adhere to adequate light, which is also the fundamental requirement of office decoration design in Jinan. The office must arrange lighting reasonably, can introduce green plants into the office space, thus creating a kind of spring and dying breath, and can satisfy the staff's pursuit of warmth and nature visually. In the main design style, modern office decoration design in Jinan often adopts an open work style, which can be more convenient for employees to work in the same time as sharing space. In decoration design, more and more attention is paid to originality, and simple atmospheric decoration materials and appearance are selected, but the practical effect is very good.
3. Choice of office furniture
In the choice of office furniture, in addition to the need to pay attention to its quality, but also need to think about the cohesion of integrated wiring. Because office furniture is the last project in Jinan office decoration design, furniture should be harmoniously matched with the electrical equipment of the decoration company, the position of strong and weak electricity should be reserved well before decoration, and the design of information points should conform to the norms, so as to ensure that the phenomenon of unstable voltage and poor transmission will not appear in the later use.
4. Establishment of office partition
Jinan office space usually uses office partitions to stop dividing the space. There are many kinds of partitions, but the commonly used office partitions include stainless steel glass partitions, wood glass partitions, aluminium-plastic plate glass partitions and gypsum board partitions. Another high-tech information is the Al-Mg-Ti alloy glass partition, so the price in the market is slightly higher than other glass partitions. Whatever partition you choose in 
5. Disposal of Smoke Sensation and Spray
In the design of the top of the office space, most of the offices are in the interior of the office building, the Lessor will have a certain request for decoration. When the decoration plan is partitioned, we must think about the disposal of the basic equipment, such as the smoke on the top, the outlet of central air conditioning and spraying.
6. Color selection of partition
About Jinan office decoration design, it is inevitable to choose the color of partition screen. Large area of partition must give the whole office area a sense of color, so when stopping choosing, we should think about the difference between partition and the overall style. Of course, the color of partition screen and the overall style of decoration can also be different, so we can invent a kind of partition screen. Visual impact.


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