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In the process of home decoration, some people often neglect the quality of small pieces of materials or some accessories. Most of them think that these "accessories" in the decoration does not play a key role, and generally no "mesa", so the quality of a little better or almost indifferent. In fact, these so-called "accessories" seem insignificant, but actually play an important role.
Choosing hardware should be opened and closed several times
选择滑轨、锁具等五金件时应多开合、拉动几次,以觉得其灵活性和便当性。另外,还需求看外观能否有缺陷、电镀光泽如何、手感能否光滑等。选购锁具时还可用钥匙插拔几次看顺不顺畅,拧起来能否省劲。如 同类五金产品中止比较,还可用手掂一掂重量,重量重的产品相对来说用料较好。
When choosing hardware such as slides, locks, etc., it should be opened and pulled several times to feel its flexibility and convenience. In addition, it is also necessary to see whether the appearance is defective, how glossy the electroplating, and whether the feel is smooth. When choosing locks, you can also use the key to insert and pull them out several times to see if they are smooth or not, and if they can be screwed up to save energy. Similar to similar hardware products, it can also be used to weigh by hand. Heavy products are relatively better materials.
High-quality wire copper core yellow medium reddish
When choosing and purchasing wires, we should first look at whether there is a certificate of quality system, whether the certificate can be standardized, whether there is a factory name, site, inspection stamp, consumption date, whether there are trademarks, specifications, voltages on the wires, etc. It also depends on the cross-section of the copper core of the wire, which is bright in color, mild in color and reddish in the Yellow core, indicating that the copper material used is of better quality, while the white in the yellow core is the reflection of the low-quality copper material.
Another way to verify this is to repeatedly bend a wire head by hand. Those with soft handle, good fatigue resistance, high elasticity of plastic or rubber handle and no cracks on wire insulator are inferior. You can also intercept a section of wire to see if its core can be located in the middle of the insulating layer. In the middle is the partial core which is made up of low technology. This kind of wire assumes that the power is small and can be safe in operation. Once the power consumption is large, the thin side is likely to be broken down by current. At the same time, when choosing and purchasing, we must see whether the length and the thickness of the core have been made hands and feet.
There should be maintenance film on the surface of plastic steel doors and windows
Considering that the window area of most houses is large (such as balcony sealing), the wall thickness of profiles should be more than 2.5 mm when selecting and purchasing, the frame should be embedded with special steel lining, the thickness of lining steel plate is not less than 1.2 mm, the inner cavity is three-chamber structure, with blocked drainage chamber, isolation chamber and reinforcement chamber, so as to ensure that the windows are not deformed for decades. Also pay attention to the surface quality, good quality plastic steel doors and windows should have a maintenance film, users will tear the maintenance film before use.


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