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The floating window of Jinan Decoration Company refers to the window projecting outdoors, which contains some parts, such as curtains, and is usually arranged in the bedroom or study. Floating windows can greatly enhance the sense of happiness in the room, and even create a feeling of more than one room! ___________
Solid wood boards are comparatively warm in texture and will not be cold in winter, but because the floating window needs to be exposed to sunshine and rain, the wooden boards may be damp and deformed after a long time. If you prefer wood boards, you can use sauna boards that are waterproof and moisture-proof.
Composite wood boards have high cost performance and good waterproof and moisture-proof effect. However, due to their thin specifications, they can be first made with woodworking boards, and then laid composite wood boards on them. It is better to use solid wood lines to close the opening.
Ceramic tiles can also be used to lay floating window countertops, and the price is relatively cheap, but there are gaps in the ceramic tile countertops, and the countertops are not easy to close. This situation matches the application of floating window mats.
Artificial marble is the most commonly used material for floating window countertops. It is moisture-proof and not deformed. It is also convenient for clearing and maintenance. The defect is that it will be comparable to cold in winter. At this time, a blanket can be laid. In addition, we should pay attention to natural marble is not suitable for laying floating window mesa, there is radiation.
If you want to arrange the floating window into a leisure area, you can lay solid wood panels, then put on the floating window mat, pillow, create a seatable and recumbent independent leisure space.
If the floating window is not wide enough, we can think about changing it into a floating window cabinet. We can use the space on both sides of the floating window to make the cabinet rack, which can not only obtain a large amount of accommodation space, but also ensure good lighting. If the floating window is near the bedside, it can also be used as a bedside cabinet.
If the bedroom or study area is small, then you can try to arrange the floating window into a desk, so that you can save a large indoor space, so that you can incorporate the study function into the bedroom, and an extra room feels wooden!
If the home area is large enough, then can willfully return the floating window to the essence of the window, as an excellent viewing platform, watch the scenery outside the window.
Jinan decoration company usually developer when entrusting the house, floating window will install protective fence, advocate owners not to remove it privately, if you have to remove the protective fence, then you also need to lay a strong protective fence or protective net, families with children in the family in this regard should pay special attention.
In winter, because the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor may present condensation water, if you want to be durable, you should choose artificial marble countertops, waterproof and sunscreen are easy to handle, with cushions and window cushions warm and convenient.


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