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The Golden Rule of Table and Chair Placement
From the graphic design drawings, it is easy to decide how many tables and chairs to put in the dining area, but when it comes to practical operation, it is often found that various problems will arise. Generally speaking, the owners of restaurants certainly want to put more tables and chairs, increase the number of people eating, and improve the turnover; but at the same time, they need to think about the warmth of customers eating. Overcrowded and intensive placement will increase anxiety. Kanglan advocates that the golden rule should be applied, that is, the minimum distance between the corners of tables should be about 60 cm.
Sensitive use of alleles
Many restaurants now have an equivalence zone, especially some popular restaurants. Owners often neglect the decoration of the equivalence zone, and even put a few plastic chairs outside the restaurant. In fact, this is equivalent to a properly decorated restaurant to lower the level, the ideal state is not to separate the location, but as an extension and supplement of the dining area.
Moving Packet Spacing
Some restaurants are divided into relatively private dining space in the open dining area. Today's design is more inclined to semi-open compartment design, which is different from the traditional closed compartment. The advantage of this method is that it can be adjusted according to the ideal condition, and it can be achieved by using half-wall high distance objects with casters.
Reflections on Furniture Cleaning
In order to set up tables and chairs, besides choosing the style, we should also think about the cleaning and maintenance problems in the later period. Generally speaking, it is necessary to prevent the style of precise carving and many cracks, because this kind of furniture dust removal will be very laborious, but also easy to accumulate debris, forming a problem of too short cleaning cycle. Some restaurants in order to match the overall style, choose chairs covered by fabric, so it is necessary to achieve a professional cleaning budget once or twice a year.
Concerning some restaurants with relatively small space, Kanglan advocates using sofa as furniture, which can save space and increase seats. At the same time, sofa has a variety of colors and shapes to meet various decoration styles.
Resolve the noise level of restaurants
The concept of some restaurants fits the busier environment better than others, such as bars or daily restaurants, which we commonly call pyrotechnics. But there are also many types of restaurants that need a quiet atmosphere, such as some high-end Western restaurants. Using wooden flooring or floor tiles can make the environment noisier because of the echo problem; if the ceiling is high, the voice of employees and customers will become louder. If there is a need to reduce noise level, then Kanglan advocates carpets or tiles.
Choose the appropriate window cover
The restaurant environment must be in line with the weather changes in the four seasons. It is important to consider not only the heating in winter, but also the sunshine in summer. Therefore, window coverings are very important. Warm dining environment is originally an important component of consumption. In order to better meet customers'environmental needs, many restaurants use two-layer window coverings, both yarn and cotton, which are disassembled and assembled according to the changes of time.
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