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Jinan decoration company prompted toilet decoration 70 million can not be wrong!
1. What do you need to buy for toilet decoration?
Bathroom building materials include: bathroom cabinet, faucet shower, toilet, basin, wash valve/spool, bathtub/shower, bathroom appliances, glass sanitary ware/bathroom mirror, cleaning supplies, etc.
2. How to choose the bathroom cabinet?
Look at the material, bathroom cabinet ordinary solid wood is more expensive, the upper level, PVC waterproof better, but easy to fade, and stainless steel although cheap, but a single style, you can choose according to their own needs.
Second, look at the process, regardless of the material of the bathroom cabinet, we must have a better waterproof and anti-corrosion technology, including some small hardware, we should pay attention to.
Three look at the reception space, the biggest function of the bathroom cabinet is still to accept. At present, there is a kind of bathroom cabinet which can separate the sewer pipeline and cabinet body. It completely hides the miscellaneous incoming and outgoing water fragments, making the reception in the bathroom cabinet not only more neat and beautiful, but also fresh and sanitary.
3. How to choose shower sprinkler?
From the appearance point of view, the brighter and more delicate the appearance of the flower spray, the better the treatment technology of the product coating. When choosing, the switch can be twisted by hand. The comfortable and smooth handle can ensure the smooth and reliable function of the product in operation. It is worth mentioning that families with old people and children can think about using constant temperature shower, not only can quickly adjust the temperature of the water, but also can have intelligent safety locks to avoid burns of old people and children.
4. How to choose hardware accessories?
The chrome plating process for the appearance of good faucets is very exquisite, which is usually accomplished through several processes. The quality of faucet depends on its brightness level. The brighter the appearance, the better the quality. When purchasing, we must choose all copper materials, which can be ineffective bacteriostasis.
Don't covet cheap brass taps. Copper is very expensive, qualified brass faucets will not be cheap, purchase time first look at electroplating, get under the light carefully, electroplating products can also react to the material achievements, second look at the weight, casting body is large but feel very light faucet, it is explained that its casting is comparatively thin, this quality is not good.
Nowadays, there are usually secondary materials on the market, such as cast iron, PVC, zinc alloy, ceramics, cast aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper alloy and so on. Among them, stainless steel and copper alloy floor drains are moderate in price, beautiful and durable, while brass floor drains have the best functions in all aspects. Choose the floor drain with large space as far as possible, the obstacle to water flow is smaller, and the obstruction is not easy to form.
Deodorization is one of the most secondary functions of floor drain. In deodorization, superstition is currently compared with physical deodorization combined with deep water deodorization. We can pay more attention to this aspect when choosing and purchasing.
Good towel and bath towel rack are made of high quality pure copper. Its load-bearing function is better than space aluminium. Polishing lines are different. After a long time of application, the appearance is still bright as new, without rust and chagrin. As far as possible, choose the towel rack which is assembled as a whole and the equipment is convenient and fast.
After choosing building materials, we will enter the decoration stage, which is also a very critical step, we must look carefully.
5. Criteria for toilet decoration
To decorate the bathroom, we should first think about the application of function, and then the decorative effect. Secondly, we should abide by four criteria: dry and wet separation, safety, good ventilation and lighting, delicate material quality, easy cleaning, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof.
6. Watch out for toilet water and electricity
洗面盆,坐便器水管,要装角阀,以方便当前检修;电源开关一好装防水盒;管道走完后要停止打压实验,然后做防水处置; 地漏装置完后要迅速停止冲水实验;卫生间的灯也要留意!一好选用冷光源的防雾防水节能灯(特点平安省电)。
Washbasins, toilet water pipes, angle valves to facilitate current maintenance; power switches are best equipped with waterproof boxes; after the pipeline goes, pressure test should be stopped, and then water-proof treatment should be done; after the floor drain device is completed, flushing test should be stopped quickly; toilet lights should also be noticed! It is best to choose cold light source fog-proof water-proof energy-saving lamp (featuring safety and electricity-saving).
7. Notices for Ceramic Tiles in Toilet
卫生间瓷砖的留缝不能太小,瓷砖留缝太小容易减小瓷砖运用寿命,瓷砖在经过热胀冷缩时挤裂釉面;瓷砖勾缝在瓷砖干固后再停止。普通24小时之后的任何工夫都可以; 在贴砖前必需对墙面停止反省,假如墙体有裂纹必需先停止处置,同时对墙面停止清算; 墙砖在碰阳角时,磨边要小心,不要毁坏瓷砖的釉层,链接时留意缝隙,不能太小。
The seam of bathroom tiles should not be too small. The seam of ceramic tiles is too small to reduce the service life of ceramic tiles. The glaze surface of ceramic tiles will be cracked when they expand and shrink in heat. The seam of ceramic tiles will stop after the ceramic tiles are dried and solidified. Ordinary 24 hours after any time can be; before sticking bricks must stop reflecting on the wall, if there are cracks in the wall must stop processing, while the wall to stop clearing; wall tiles in the corner of the sun, grinding should be careful, do not destroy the glaze of ceramic tiles, when linking to pay attention to the gap, not too small.
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