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决议装饰装饰装饰价格的要素是什么? 来源: 日期:2018-11-06 发布人:admin

What are the elements that determine the price of decoration and decoration?
1. data price is the basis.
Firstly, the decoration price is related to the information chosen by the decoration households. As the saying goes, the material is rare, the origin is far away or perhaps sparse, and the material is naturally more valuable than the local or common materials; secondly, the quality of the material itself is relatively expensive, with robust texture and long aging time; otherwise, it is relatively cheap. The brand is once again, and the product with good reputation is more expensive than the unknown factory.
2. different processes, different prices
The technology of the construction team refers to the construction level of the construction personnel. In the case of the same information, the worker's handicraft is a very important factor, which directly affects the quality of decoration, even if the decoration company sales promotion, discount, construction technology and construction skills can not be discounted. Well-handled and well-trained builders naturally charge higher prices and vice versa, so when faced with price, we should ask the level and level of builders. In addition, it is also decided by working hours that the longer the working hours, the higher the price.
3. construction affect the price
Brand companies and larger decoration companies planning home decoration projects, there will also be project construction links of close management and excellent construction management personnel. If a project does not have an excellent construction management personnel, even if there is good information and consistent workers, it is impossible to have a high-quality project. The construction process itself is a complex process. Family decoration touches many kinds of work. The interpolation of various types of work and the sequence of working procedures are very important to ensure the quality of construction. The cost incurred by the decoration company is naturally reflected in the decoration price of the owner.
4. company planning is different, price is different.
Excellent decoration companies should have appropriate high qualifications and necessary planning, various parts of the equipment are relatively complete, decoration services are responsible for each, these need to be certain costs, these costs will naturally be reflected in the price. The "guerrilla" planning rules are impossible to talk about. They are not only bosses, designers, but also budgeters, construction managers, data acquisition and construction workers. They find a few fellow countrymen, an air pump, an electric hammer and a few hammers with saws to start construction. The price is naturally low, but the quality is not guaranteed.
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