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让你的简装房更加省钱的小窍门! 来源: 日期:2019-08-26 发布人:admin

First, in order to ensure the quality of decoration, we should not make great changes to the interior space, especially the orientation of the toilet. This will not only increase the cost of hydropower projects, but also the displacement of drainage pipelines, slightly neglected, which may cause leakage in the future.
Second, many owners do not invite decoration companies when decorating, so that design costs can be saved. The first step to save money for decoration is to minimize construction projects, such as ceiling and carpentry, which can save money. If you think the top is very monotonous, you can walk a circle of gypsum line on the top. Woodworking furniture is not only expensive, but also obsolete. Therefore, we suggest that you go to the store to purchase finished furniture.
3. Nowadays, the wages of decoration workers are relatively high. If you want to save money, you should use less labor. Usually, in the whole decoration cost, materials only account for 50%, woodworking, electricians and other labor costs account for 50%, as long as there are more workers, labor costs will increase, so we need to arrange reasonable employment.
Fourth, the selection of decoration materials is also a lot of skills, in the case of quality assurance, we can choose more affordable building materials, reduce the grade of building materials, for example, we can use marble instead of quartz, such as domestic ceramic tile instead of imported ceramic tile. And you can pay attention to the recent local building materials group buying activities, group buying prices will be much cheaper than usual prices. In addition, you can try to choose the decoration materials with joint materials. When choosing, try to find a matching manufacturer, such as flooring manufacturer, because these manufacturers sometimes launch promotional products, the price is usually cheaper than you directly find building materials and then find workers to construct.
Jinan Decoration Company is introduced here, I believe you will use the relevant knowledge in the actual work, if you have this need, welcome to buy.


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