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1. Simplicity and orderliness
In recent years, the concept of minimalism has been applied more and more widely in the style of home decoration design. Soft-fitting collocation is no exception. In the skills of soft-fitting collocation of villas, there are no complicated decorations, no luxurious and redundant appendages, and it is necessary to reduce interior accessories to a small extent. Degree.
Orderliness is the basis of all beauty. In the soft-fitting skills of villas, it is necessary to make a good comparison of proportions and battles, organize regular space forms, and create a sense of beauty that is Tao first, so that the living space presents a simple and orderly beauty.
2. Harmony and Equilibrium
In the villa soft-fitting matching skills, harmony and harmony are of great significance. After satisfying the basic functions, soft-fitting matching should be in harmony with interior decoration style and other decorations, such as the selection of appearance, material and color, and should be harmonized and unified as a whole, showing a quiet and peaceful effect.
Equilibrium and symmetry are similar, which means that in interior space planning, the shape, color, light and quality of all kinds of furnishings adhere to the same quantity, or approximate quantity and number, which produces a balanced effect when they adhere to a stable state. The balance of force in life gives people a stable visual art, so that people can get a sense of visual balance.

3. Color and Contrast
In the soft-fitting skills of villas, different colors give people different visual feelings. When choosing colors, we should pay attention to the warm feeling of red, yellow and orange, and the cool and calm reflection of green, blue and green. Villa soft-wear matching skills, decoration color to constitute the overall effect, it is necessary to choose different hues as the keynote, in the selection of architectural decoration to separate the overall color, moderate harmony reflects the effect, in the fixed color also consider the influence of light source, to consider the color of the decoration of light source absorption and reflection after the presentation. A variety of color phenomena.
Contrastiveness is based on color, showing bright, distinct, vivid and other characteristics, with the use of harmony to produce an ideal decorative effect, in the villa soft outfit matching skills through contrast, material, simplicity, straightness, color, ancient and modern, prominent decoration at home and abroad personality, so that it in the strong contrast to obtain a distinct image. Complementarity to satisfy the effect.
4. Innovation and Hierarchy
In the villa soft-wear matching skills, innovative ways can break through the general law, from the overall effect of thinking, to advocate a breakthrough, personality, through innovation to reflect the common effect.
The level change can also enrich the soft-fitting skills of villas. Using the appropriate proportion relationship and the hierarchical needs of the appropriate environment, adopting the appropriate level of disposal will constitute a good sense of view, from virtual to real can constitute a rich level of change. To pursue the hierarchical sense of space, such as color from cold to warm, brightness from dark to bright, shape from small to large, from square to round, from high to low, from coarse to fine, texture from single to diverse.
Villa Softwear Matching Skills
5. Texture and rhythm
In the soft-fitting skills of villas, the material of decorations directly expresses the effect of texture. The dry and wet, soft and hard, coarse and fine texture without grain, regular and irregular, light and no light of decoration materials show the effect of overall texture according to the heat of the environment.
At the same time, in the soft-fitting skills of villas, rhythm is the expression of emotional needs. In the same simple appearance, the arrangement effect produced by it often constitutes a generalization, but to change the appropriate stop length, thickness, obliquity, color and other mutations, the combination of contrast produces rhythmic rhythm and richness. Artistic effect.
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