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开放式的厨房装饰怎么才能改变空间感觉? 来源: 日期:2019-07-05 发布人:admin

1. Holistic cabinet to reserve space for storage
Although the kitchen is small, there are absolutely a lot of things to store, but the presentation of the overall cabinet provides convenience for open kitchen. Ground cabinets, hangers, hardware, different combinations can transform different styles and types of cabinets. And the cabinet manufacturer will design the most suitable cabinet for the owner according to the size of the field and the needs of the owner, so the storage space does not need to worry.
2. Help you with kitchen appliances
High-power lampblack machine, smokeless stove and smokeless pot all provide good hardware conditions for open kitchen. It is also possible to use smokeless cookers such as microwave ovens and induction cookers to make open kitchens, no problem.
3. Small Kitchen Should Choose Open Style
Modern bedroom decoration, mostly simple modern style, with open kitchen collocation, more fashionable. And now the kitchen area of ordinary household will not be too large. Open kitchen can make the space bigger visually and make the space better applied.
1. Open kitchen usually has bar design. The bar and dining table here are two in one, which is both beautiful and applicable.
2. The kitchen is next to the living room. It is separated by a screen with personality and artistic conception, which not only saves space, but also arouses the taste of the whole house.
3. If the space partition of the open kitchen is not obvious enough, it can elevate the kitchen air like the design here, which will not affect the overall effect, but also have obvious partition.
4. The dining room is next to the kitchen. This apartment is a small apartment with an area of only tens of square meters. The open kitchen makes the space more transparent. And the kitchen is next to the dining table. It's more convenient.
4. Modern Life Resolves to Open Kitchen
Some people objected to open kitchen, most of them were thinking about the problem of lampblack. Most people think that the open kitchen can not prevent the spread of lampblack very well. Over a long time, the furniture will accumulate a layer of lampblack, which is difficult to clean. But in the modern way of life, only one meal a day is usually cooked at home, and these cooking methods are seldom fried. There is not much smoke, so it is necessary to make an open kitchen.
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