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装修材料踢脚线材质怎么使用? 来源: 日期:2019-06-21 发布人:admin

1. From the point of view of applicable function, the kicking line has the following functions:
A. Maintaining walls. Decoration data kick line can make the separation between the wall and the air more solid, avoid the wall deformation and damage caused by external force collision, or be dirty by broom, mop and so on.
B. Beautiful, covering wires and gaps. Because the wood floor has the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction, the installation workers usually leave a gap at the junction between the floor and the wall, which is very beautiful visually. With the decoration material kick line, it can play a satisfactory role in shielding. In addition, based on the needs of decoration, some people will also hide a part of the line in the kick-off line, all kinds of wire, wire and wall into one, the appearance is more concise and beautiful.
C. Benefits are clean. Cleaning and sanitation is very easy to get dirty walls carelessly. With the maintenance of decoration materials and kick lines, it can reduce the scruples in this respect and make scrubbing very convenient.
D. Decoration. The high-facial kicking line makes the transition and connection between upper and lower space more natural, and the overall decoration is harmonious, beautiful and seamless.
2. From the material point of view, there are two common types of kick-line: wood and stone.
A. 木质踢脚线具有种类繁多、质感温润的特性,装置起来也比拟便利,但是价钱相对来说高一些,耐磨性差,易发作起拱现象。
A. Wooden kick-line has a variety of characteristics, such as warm texture and convenient installation, but its price is relatively higher, its wear resistance is poor, and it is prone to arch phenomenon.
B. 石材踢脚线普通以瓷砖为主,运用起来美观大方,风格十足,同时也具备防水防潮、容易清洗的特性,因此遭到了很多家庭的喜爱。
B. Stone baseboard is usually made of ceramic tiles. It is beautiful and elegant to use, and has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof and easy to clean, so it is loved by many families.
When choosing decoration materials to kick the line, pay attention to choosing the color similar to the sky color, or use sharp contrast to delineate the sense of hierarchy, enhance the color of home space. Of course, this demand professional home decoration designer stop design collocation, the above is about decoration materials kick-line function and material introduction, I hope to have a certain reference for you.
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