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1. Air-conditioning hole forgetting to hit
Like some people in winter decoration, air conditioning holes will be forgotten, into the summer to install air conditioning will recall the need to punch. Everyone knows that the wall will be destroyed when drilling holes. If the wall is latex paint, it may drop a large piece of wall skin, which will affect the beauty of the whole wall.
Make up for the trick: Because drilling air conditioning holes requires the use of water drills, the wall will be dirty, we can fix the location of drilling holes, and then stick transparent tape around the wall, as many as possible, to make a maintenance network, so that drilling will not destroy the wall.
2. The bedroom ceiling lamp is not double-controlled.
After the bedroom lamp is installed, suppose that the opening pipe of the lamp is installed at the door, and it is inconvenient to run to the door when sleeping; if it is installed at the bedside, it will be very dark when entering the bedroom at night, and if it is made into double-control, it will be much more convenient.
Longfa Decoration Company informs you that the controller on the top lamp device can be changed into remote control, and the switch of the lamp may be controlled by the remote control, without limitation of position. This completes the dual control effect.
3. The color of the wall is disorderly.
Young people always have a lot of new ideas about how to paint walls with colors that people like, so that some people like to mix and match colors. But the effect is not good until the color is painted. It looks dizzy and unsuitable for home decoration.
Make-up: This requires us to work hard on the software. Furniture color selection as light as possible tone, white, wood color and other mild greasy colors, ease the visual impairment of the wall. Don't Hang decorative paintings with many colors on the walls. Choose cold colors such as light, white and grey as far as possible.
4. The kitchen has no shelf
Without a storage rack in the kitchen, it will cause us a lot of trouble. Some kitchen utensils will not be placed in the central place and will be inconvenient to use. It will make the newly decorated kitchen disorderly and worry about bottles and bottles.
Longfa informs you how to handle it: customize the basket according to the size of the kitchen cabinet, put the basket in the kitchen cabinet, ordinary one cabinet can put two or three baskets, so that the kitchen utensils and tableware can be orderly summed up. Pull it out when you use it and push it back when you don't use it. The basket is more suitable, less space and more beautiful than the storage rack.
5. Cracks on the wall
Because of season, construction or the quality of the building itself, the wall presents various cracks. Especially the wall surface brushed with latex paint, leveling and putty in construction, if the quality of these materials is not very good, cracks will also appear.
Tips for making up: Small cracks can be pasted with beautiful stickers, such as a small tree or a flower vine. Can also find an American master to apply cracks to draw a picture. Big cracks can stick wallpaper on this wall.


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