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I. Environmental Protection Criteria
"Poor" household decoration materials are the main culprits for the formation of toxic and harmful gases, excessive radiation and other pollution in housing. When choosing information, environmental protection factors should be the first consideration. If there is no health, is beauty still meaningful?
Purchasing Skills:
1. Whether purchasing online or purchasing in physical stores, we have to compare three products. The price of the genuine goods will not be too far apart. If it is too cheap or too expensive, we need to see if the levee can buy fake goods.
2. We must choose proper stores and online sellers. We should have complete certificates and licenses. We should try not to choose small stores or sellers with poor evaluation.
3. After purchasing, the demand inquires the product information on the official website. If it does not fit, it must be fake.
4. A purifier is indispensable. It is impossible to prevent poisonous and harmful gases from decorating the wedding room.
II. Equilibrium Criteria
Decoration level should be based on its own economic conditions, small and inexpensive is not greedy, but the central government need not spend money to save, so that the quality of the whole decoration is balanced.
Purchasing Skills:
1. Some things that do not affect the overall situation, on the premise of qualified quality, can choose cheaper ones.
2. Quality should be considered in the selection of key parts, such as air, water supply and drainage, and electrical appliances. Considering its wear-and-tear characteristics, we would rather spend more money than repair it in the future.
3. The decoration of imaginary appearance can be avoided. For example, complex lamps and lanterns are very difficult to clean. Therefore, Xiaobian Tips to choose good quality but simple style for long-term consideration, which is both economical and applicable.
4. The ceiling of the house can choose and buy a series of fasteners of "Aegean Sea" with common style and beautiful appearance.
III. Applicable Criteria
Decoration materials are not the more upscale the better, should be separated from the use of residential performance thinking, if it can also improve the residential environment.
Purchasing Skills:
1. For example, in the selection of indoor ceiling, we should choose the button board with the function of oil resistance and scratch resistance. Especially for the ceiling in the kitchen, it is more demanded. The button board with good and beautiful roof adopts the manufacturing technology of nanometer, pottery glaze and oxidation, so that you can no longer worry about dirty and scratch easily.
2. For example, the large area of stone, although the style of stone is beautiful, but the function is poor, if not particularly like to think about wallpaper or ceramic tile substitution is better.
IV. Criteria for Innovation
This is because people are different! When decorating the wedding room, we all hope that my wedding room is unique. So when choosing home decoration materials, we can choose some new and unconventional materials, which not only highlights the modern and advanced interior design, but also highlights the master's taste style.


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