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First, pay attention to the choice of living room light source
Long and narrow living room decoration, the need to pay attention to the choice of living room light source, as far as possible to prevent the dominant large-scale light source. About the narrow living room, can choose a simple shape of the chandelier can well foil the warm atmosphere, if you feel that a chandelier lighting is not enough, it can properly arrange some shooting lights or hidden lighting in the ceiling to stop the supplementary light source.
2. Choosing furniture with small size and multi-function
Narrow and long living room decoration, when choosing the living room sofa, try to choose small size and multi-function home to meet the needs of beauty and applicability, such as replacing the back of the sofa with rectangular thick cushion, in order to leave more room for residents to play freely on the living room wall, in addition, even white can make the living room appear wider; multi-function home is also suitable for relaxation. Located in the narrow living room, for example, under the sofa cushion in the living room, install a receipt cabinet, books, toys, pillows and so on can be put in the process of residence, uniform and clean living room can give a good impression, but also make the living room look much broader.
3. The whole space should be uniform in material quality
For example, the ceiling, wall, cabinet and air of the living room are all made of solid wood. If the same color is chosen in the room, the visual texture can be unified and harmonized. Thus, the area of the whole space can be enlarged invisibly. Compared with the living room with disordered colours and different materials, it is undoubtedly the most correct choice. 。
IV. Attention to Detailed Disposal of the Living Room
All the details and intentions of the living room determine the good quality of the overall environment. Can add home accessories properly in the narrow living room space, pay attention to the choice of home accessories best with the decoration style of the whole space, so as to play the role of decoration, and one thing, home accessories should not be too many, especially mirrors, too many mirrors placed in the living room can easily cause panic and discomfort.
Modern living room decoration effect map
V. Preventing hard partition
The narrow living room area seems to be limited, so don't add unnecessary partitions in the living room settings to increase the sense of gravity. Can properly use the wall half-space partition to separate the living room and dining room, increase the permeability of the living room.
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